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Address: cSmummwZNAECyBszbmaxjE4i8cGEukNTE3
Shares rewards: 90%
Payout interval: 1
Relay nodes: 0

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Dutch Pool - The high reward sharing pool!

Hi Compendia community. We are 4 tech "nerds" with several years of experience in running reliable DPoS delegates. In short, we work on various tools, will dive into the new features that Compendia has to offer, run multiple devnet nodes, and share 90% of our block rewards.

  • Delegate: dutch_pool
  • Full proposal: link
  • Share info: link
  • General info: link
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Validator Reward Calculator

Created on: 24-8-2020 11:17:25
Validator Reward Calculator assists voters in calculating a validator's reward share, taking factors into account such as the share percentage, vote power and dilution by other vote weight: http://calculator.dutchpool.io/compendia
category: Contribution

DPoS Monitor

Created on: 22-8-2020 20:12:19
DPoS Monitor supports the Compendia mainnet and devnet networks: https://github.com/dutchpool/dpos-monitor
category: Contribution

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